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Tiny bugs may lead to big failures.
Even one bad decision, carelessness or mistake in any phase of product development can lead to an exploitable security vulnerability.
The price of a zero-day
Damage costs can range from a couple of hundred dollars to even $250K per vulnerability. Consider whether it is worth taking the risk!
Where should I expect an attack?
There are no secrets. We provide tailored research on the latest attack technologies. Request for our continuous attack technology watch service.
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37 million digitally signed documents had to be reverified

In November 2014, SEARCH-LAB Ltd. discovered a security vulnerability in multiple computer applications that are used to generate and validate digital signatures, which are applied within the official Hungarian government processes. The vulnerability affected the „e-akta” signed document file format, where a file with a valid digital signature could be manipulated in a way that the verification software indicated a valid signature while it displayed a different document than the original.