Are you a match for our innovative company?

We are constantly looking for skilled technical people (researchers, engineers, even CS students) to join our organization. Everyone at our company works on exciting projects in a modern and motivating environment.

To give you an idea of what we do in our day-to-day business, here are some examples:

  • We explore and evaluate the latest and greatest gadgets, learning new technologies on the way
  • We motivate continuous development of internal tools to support our evaluations
  • We travel to all corners of the world to train engineers and managers on security
  • We participate in international R&D projects with some great partners to see and create the future
  • We grow our plants, water our flowers on the terrace and feed our pets in the terrarium
  • We regularly go and do sport together


If someone would like to join us, the following requirements are an absolute must:

  • University studies - a systematic approach
  • Fluent written English; being a good speaker and communicator is even better
  • Learning quickly and independently
  • Good algorithmic skills


The following advantages will help you to gain recognition in our interview room:

  • MSc in computer science, electrical engineering or a closely related field
  • Research or academic background, post-grad degree
  • Solid programming skills - the more languages the better; knowledge of assembly and machine code is a definite plus
  • Experience with multiple programming and operating platforms (especially Linux and embedded systems)
  • IT security knowledge or at least aptitude
  • Self-dependent and creative problem solving
  • Work experience in a similar field and/or independent roles


At SEARCH-LAB, fun already starts at the first meeting - don't hesitate to apply!