About us

SEARCH Laboratory was established in 1999 at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics with a focus on security research and development.

In 2002 the leaders of the laboratory founded SEARCH-LAB Ltd as a spin-off company to provide the legal and infrastructural background for dependable professional services.

The laboratory is specialized in security testing and evaluation of various ICT products, with a special expertise in security of embedded systems such as mobile devices. Through its Secure Coding Academy it runs software security courses specifically tailored for large software development companies. By continuous attack technology watch it also supports product developers by monitoring underground sources to learn about the ways attackers bypass the applied protections.

Since its establishment, the laboratory has carried out several R&D projects with topics covering security issues in various fields.

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SEARCH Laboratory has three different business units which synergistically cover the whole IT product development life-cycle to provide first class IT security services.

Our Laboratory is specialized in independent security evaluation of IT products, offers services to leading system and application developers and helps them to make their solutions and products protected against hackers.

Our Academy – based on our outstanding international market recognition in security analysis, audit and testing of security-sensitive products – offering a set of practical secure coding courses that are specifically designed to serve corporate software development groups.

With our presence in various industrial initiatives we are not only following, but also actively leveraging the state of the art in security. Our R&D business unit is involved in several secure software development projects.