SEARCH-LAB being a small but professional research team is fortunate to have some of the most talented and qualified people working in IT security. Our team is made up of IT security experts, well-qualified software engineers, marketing and sales specialists and qualified project managers. We also work with university fellows and independent specialists who bring an added depth and breadth to the services we offer. Key persons of the company:


István Nyilas – managing director

István has more than 18 years of work experience in various fields of the IT industry. He participated in several e-commerce, IT security and product process development projects as a technology expert. Few of the topics he was dealing with were the legal aspects of e-commerce and IT security; business implementation and tools for PKIs; introducing secure product development processes. István also has long experience of managing IT projects for companies of various sizes ranging from SME to large international companies. Currently he is the managing director of SEARCH-LAB.



Erno Jeges – director of secure coding and training services

Erno Jeges has been working in the area of security for nearly fifteen years. His research areas were mainly focused on biometric security solutions, but he was also involved in a number of research activities dealing with IT security and the technology aspects of digital rights. He has several innovations, including some patents in the area of ear-based identification, integration of biometrics with cryptosystems, object tracking and most recently software obfuscation and watermarking. He is now in charge for secure coding & training services besides act as training director of Secure Coding Academy at SEARCH-LAB. 



Kristóf Kerényi – director of embedded systems security & audit services

Kristóf attended information engineering studies at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, while he spent semesters in Germany and the USA. He completed his MSc degree in 2002, followed by an MBA diploma in 2009. After graduation he started working in R&D projects in the field of IT security, and, as holder of a CISA certification, also took part in security audit projects. In 2004 onwards he took the SEARCH-LAB's project manager role in multiple international research projects. Currently he is director of embedded systems security & audit services at SEARCH-LAB.



Zoltán Hornák – founder

Zoltán Hornák completed his degree at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics as an engineer of informatics. From early on he has been dealing with various fields of IT security, from the bit-level computer viruses up to the security organizational issues of international companies. After spending eight years in the anti-virus industry as development director and working two and a half years as a security consultant, he returned to research and in 1999 he established the SEARCH Laboratory at BME, then in 2002 the SEARCH-LAB Ltd.