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I am responsible for securing a product.

I want to have something evaluated by a professional.

Your product (hardware or software) is getting close to launch, but there are some concerns about security.

You may have questions such as:

  • "Can a hacker take control of my device remotely?"
  • "Can an attacker steal other users' data stored in my web application?"
  • "Can users steal my protected content?"

A security evaluation of the product by a trusted 3rd party can answer these questions, and much more. No matter what kind of product you have, an evaluation can uncover crucial weaknesses and its results will help you make your product more secure.

We have over 10 years of experience in the area of product lifecycle security with over a hundred completed projects under our belt –from embedded systems to web applications.

Have you ever thought that the cheapest way of securing your product is investing in secure development training for your developers?

I am looking for advice or assistance about improving the security of my product.

You are developing a product, and want to avoid the usual security pitfalls. Do you want to make your product as secure as possible? It is better to start considering security later in the cycle than not consider it at all.

In each phase of the development lifecycle, you have to address different aspects of security – security requirements and threats during requirements, secure architecture during design, vulnerabilities and security holes during implementation, security testing techniques during testing, and incident response after deployment.

We have experience both in identifying security issues in products during each step of the lifecycle – from requirements to deployment – as well as giving recommendations to address these issues and also to improve the product’s security as a whole. We also offer consultancy services – with our knowledge of industry-standard security best practices and our strong background in security evaluation, we can help you make a better, more secure product.


I have a product and believe that security plays an important role in its success.

I found that security is a competitive advantage on the market.

We believe that security – beyond the tendency of getting more widely recognized as an important aspect of everyday life – can also be a distinguishing feature of a product or brand. Having worked together with security-conscious companies to help them improve their abilities to develop secure products, we have also learned from them what works in practice. You, too, can utilize our expertise – as consultant, evaluator, or trainer – to strengthen your position against competitors when security comes as a concern.

As a customer, I require a level of security from my suppliers.

If security is a core feature of your product, you know that even the strongest chain breaks at the weakest link; therefore you want to eliminate all weak links, and minimize risk.

Does your product security depend on external components you have only limited control over?

We can help you getting this under control throughout the entire product lifecycle. We can act on your behalf and have a component evaluated, entire product lines certified or your suppliers trained.

You will be more confident when you know that your suppliers are aware of the importance of security, better understand their own importance, and are able to develop a secure product for you.

My client requires security assurance related to my development.

Is security important to your client? Is your client important to you? Then make sure he gets the assurance that he needs.

Train your developers to be able to deliver not only functionally perfect but also secure code. We can also help you with evaluating your design or implementation and eliminate possible security weaknesses. This will not only make your client more confident about the level of security you can provide, but it can also be utilized as a competitive advantage on the market.


I regard security as a skill to learn via training.

I am responsible for learning and development in my company.

Good trainings bring important professional assets into the company while offering excellent opportunities for your employees' personal development.

Knowledge of security as a whole is becoming more and more important for a company, both on the technical and strategic level.

During the last couple of years we conducted several trainings at security-conscious companies for software developers and interested managers about secure coding.

I am a professional training organizer.

In the past few years our security professionals travelled across four continents to conduct secure coding trainings to developers and awareness trainings to managers. If you are a professional training organizer, we can provide an important asset for your training portfolio.

I am personally interested to learn more about security.

Are you already a good programmer who wants to have a competitive edge over others? Does your work require you to write secure code? Or do you just want to know more about security?

We have a multitude of trainings to fit your needs. Sign up to one of our secure coding trainings either with our training partners or through your company’s training department.