Secure Coding Academy

scaHacking has become a global industry. A single incident can ruin a company's profits and reputation, therefore it is critical to fix every single bug in your software code. Teaching engineers to software security practices is the most cost-effective way of building secure systems and products. Learn from our experienced security professionals how to avoid leaving security holes in your code.


A wide variety of trainings

  • Practice-oriented trainings coming with a lots of easy-to-understand examples
  • Hands-on exercises provide the joy of live hacking and support full understanding of the risks
  • Didactic courses backed by more than a decade of teaching experience
  • Up-to-date on current trends in attack methods and mitigation techniques
  • State-of-the art research results continuously incorporated into the learning materials
  • Different levels from beginners to advanced programmers to security professionals (level 100, 200 and 300 courses according to Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle training guidelines)


Check out our training portfolio highlights in the topics of C/C++ security, Java security, .NET security, Android security, Windows Phone security, Web application security, Web application testing.


A bit of history

In the last decade we have earned outstanding international market recognition in security analysis, audit and testing of security-sensitive products, with customers coming from various industrial segments and all continents. Stemming from the academic roots and based on strong software security expertise, since 2005 our services are complemented with Secure Coding Academy, offering a set of practical courses that are specifically designed to serve corporate software development groups.


We teach what we do every day

  • Our trainers are CISA and/or CISSP qualified auditors who are familiar with security issues down to the bit level.
  • We give you more than just another certification. We change your mindset.
  • We deliver practical knowledge that you can use the following day.
  • We have over 10 years of experience in security assessments with more than 100 international audit projects and 1,000 satisfied students in 25 countries.


See and believe

If you are like us, you do not like bad surprises. We prepared short demonstration podcasts for you, each tackling a specific security issue. You can also attend our next free live webinar, and get an exciting introduction to security.

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