Let's see some excerpts from the reviews given by our participants attending our courses worldwide:

"Thanks! Interesting, easy to folllow."
Webinar participant, June 2012

"Great use of examples and code snippets. Good combination of theory and practice."
"Very insightful and useful course, especially for owners of server software."
"Excellent presentation and very captivating. Thanks!"
"Good course with lots of information and lots of things to look at later. Good setup with slides and virtual machine. Trainer is knowledgeable and obviously interested in topic."
Combined Java, PHP and Web application security, Vancouver, Canada, May 2012

"Trainer is very knowledgeable. Course was very interesting and enjoyable."
Standard Java security, Vancouver, Canada, May 2012

"The trainer is quite energetic in his presentation, and can get both the broad concept across, and details for those who want them."
"Very knowledgeable. A good trainer who kept his audience involved. Lots of hands-on experience and demos to reinforce the learning."
Web application testing, Vancouver, Canada, May 2012

"Very useful and impressive."
C/C++ secure coding, Hangzhou, China, June 2011

"I got good overall picture and that was what I was looking for."
"Lecturer knew security field from basis to high end details."
Standard Java security, Tampere, Finland, June 2011

"The exercises helped a lot. They were great!"
"I liked the interactivity, the interesting examples and the professional environment."
Web application testing, Budapest, Hungary, June 2011

"Competent speaker."
"Exercises are very useful; using virtual machine is a good idea!"
Advanced Java security, Budapest, Hungary, June 2011

"Examples were really excellent. Virtual machine was well prepared."
"Great course."
"Excellent way to present this quite large area of technology."
"The trainer managed to keep the group very active and responsive; when asked for a question he would start a conversation to clear the issue."
"Material was very well done and followed the "red-line" nicely. Thank you for the course!"
"The presenter really showed an expertise on the Java security field. The personal way of teaching kept us motivated."
"Good course which was well presented with good examples."
Advanced Java security, Oulu, Finland, April 2011

"Clear and well-explained"
Crypto chip-set security, Sophia Antipolis, France, February 2011

"Hands-on exercises and examples were good and especially well-prepared."
Standard Java security, Tampere, Finland, February 2011

"Good and clearly organized, concise and no missing info at any point."
"The trainer was very well-prepared for this training, willing to help and explain in details when needed, excellent English speaking and friendly. J"
Web application testing, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, December 2010

"Lab exercises keep you engaged."
Standard Java security, Washington D.C., United States, November 2010

"Definitely content. The course gives the overall awareness about the software security and also gives details about security technologies and their weaknesses. Exercises are cool. In other trainings I haven't even met any practical exercises."
C/C++ secure coding, Wroclaw, Poland, October 2010

"Easy to follow"
"Good examples"
"Nice interactive ways between trainer and trainees"
"The course was interactive and the trainer kept pinging the participants on their understanding"
"The trainer was top, he really knew about Java security"
Remote sessions, October 2010

"The trainer knew the fundamentals and explained giving important examples"
Standard Java security, Bangalore, India, July 2010

"The awareness it created on potential problems is the best weapon against security issues. It was focused on the technology we use. Very updated stuff.""
"Turning to the "dark side", eg. to experience system attacks from the hackers' point of view. This gave me better understanding on what can be done to prevent bad intentioned people from taking advantage on exploits.""
Standard Java security, Aveiro, Portugal, June 2010

"The presentation was clear and well-done. Complex details were made clear. Practical exercises made it easy to understand the subject."
Standard Java security, Lisbon, Portugal, June 2010

"I liked the way the subject was explained with exercises. I liked the way all the course support material was presented to us. I also liked the course content and I think it would be helpful for my near future."
C/C++ secure coding, Lisbon, Portugal, May 2010

"The training was interesting and the issues it covered are good to know. The trainer was experienced and knew what he was talking about and managed to deliver and interesting presentation that was easy to follow. Interesting and challenging enough."
C/C++ secure coding, Espoo, Finland, December 2009

"Perfect examples to show the loopholes"
"Good tricks!"
C/C++ secure coding, Bangalore, India, December 2009

"Lot of demos, practical exercises and samples. Very strong presentation skill of the trainer. Good balance between theory and practice application."
Standard Java security, Munich, Germany, November 2009

"Exercises can make me understand better"
Combined C/C++, Java and Web application security, Chengdu, China, November 2009

"Trainer is very competent in this technical area. Course content is challenging what is a good thing!"
C/C++ secure coding, Espoo, Finland, November 2009

"Interesting hacker techniques. I didn't know before how it works exactly. Now it is more clear how attacks can be done."
C/C++ secure coding, Wroclaw, Poland, November 2009

"Useful knowledge for secure coding in daily work."
C/C++ secure coding, Chengdu, China, October 2009

"Practical exercises were very good. Examples are clear enough and they contain useful information that I can use in my daily work."
C/C++ secure coding, Athens, Greece, July 2009