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In our white papers we address common security issues from a professional point of view, and present our findings in an easy-to-understand way. Download them freely – and get a better view on security!

Software security – facts and misconceptions

Hacking has become a global, multibillion-dollar industry. Besides cybercrime motivated by money, recent years have been also marked by increasing cyberwar and cyberterrorism activities. Companies whose systems or products fall victims to attacks may suffer hundreds of millions of dollars in direct losses and indirect damages.

Still, even software industry experts tend to forget that the root causes of security incidents are defects in the code, and those bugs are left there by the software engineers who actually designed, implemented and/or integrated the systems involved. Software security practices are rarely included in standard programming courses.

Read our white paper to learn why it pays off to take a holistic approach to software security that covers the whole product development lifecycle. You will realize that, in the long run, training software engineers, testers and managers in secure coding is the most efficient and cost-effective way of handling security.

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Mobile application security misconceptions

Besides implementation problems, a lot of security weaknesses originate from false preconditions and misconceptions about the mobile OS, the security problems, the attackers and the users. Our white paper lists a dozen of the most typical misconceptions.

Is it enough to protect application data against malware and hackers? To what extent do mobile operating systems provide protection to applications and their data files? Will jailbreak detection code prevent an application from running on a jailbroken phone? Can users read or write application binaries? Is network communication hidden and secured by the mobile OS? How efficient is security by obscurity? How useful is obfuscation? Will simple encryption do? What is the right balance between security and usability? Can security related decisions be trusted to the user? What are the benefits of training developers? Why is SEARCH-LAB's Secure Coding Academy your best training provider? Check out our white paper to find out.